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Magazine Rack and Newspaper Rack

Magazine Rack 1518
Magazine Rack 1518
nMagazine Rack 1518
Desc: Magazine Rack 1518
Price: RM 245
  • Size: 135H x 31W x 33D
  • Magazine Rack 1528
    Magazine Rack 1528
    nMagazine Rack 1528
    Desc: Magazine Rack 1528
    Price: RM 325
  • Size: 135H x 48W x 33D (cm)
  • Magazine Rack 1601
    Magazine Rack 1601
    Desc: Magazine Rack 1601
    Price: RM 240
  • Size: 108H x 31W x 35D (cm)
  • Magazine Rack 1602
    Magazine Rack 1602
    Desc: Magazine Rack 1602
    Price: RM 280
  • Size: 108H x 48W x 35D (cm)
  • Leaflet Stand 333B
    Leaflet Stand 333B
    Desc: Leaflet Stand 333B
    Price: RM 195
  • Size: 137H x 29W x 39D (cm)
  • Leaflet Stand 379B
    Leaflet Stand 379B
    Desc: Leaflet Stand 379B
    Price: RM 255
  • Size: 137H x 54W x 39D (cm)
  • Leaflet Stand 367G
    Leaflet Stand 367G
    Desc: Leaflet Stand 367G
    Price: RM285
  • Size: 116H x 35W x 49D (cm)
  • Foldable Leaflet Stand 361
    Foldable Leaflet Stand 361
    Desc: Foldable Leaflet Stand 361
    Price: RM 580
  • Size: 152H x 37W x 50D (cm)
  • Foldable Leaflet Stand 362
    Foldable Leaflet Stand 362
    Desc: Foldable Leaflet Stand 362
    Price: RM 665
  • Size: 152H x 37W x 50D (cm)
  • Deluxe Magazine Rack WP-M302
    deluxe magazine rack WP-M302
    Desc: Deluxe Magazine Rack
    Price: RM 435
  • Transparent acrylic shelves
  • Size: 137H x 37W x 42D (cm)
  • Quattro Magazine Rack
    quattro magazine rack
    Desc: Quattro magazine rack
    Price: RM
  • Size: 123H x 22W x 34D (cm)
  • Size: 123H x 44W x 34D (cm)
  • Size: 123H x 44W x 34D (cm)
  • Newspaper Rack WP-N38
    Newspaper Rack
    Desc: Newspaper Rack WP-N38
    Price: RM 235
  • Includes 3 newspaper clamp
  • Size: 79H x 68W x 44D (cm)
  • Newspaper Rack NEWS18
    Newspaper Rack
    Desc: Newspaper Rack NEWS18
    Price: RM 400
  • Size: 103H x 69.5W x 46D (cm)
  • Newspaper Rack NEWS28
    newspaper rack wp-28
    newspaper rack wp-28 with newspaper
    Desc: Newspaper Rack NEWS28
    Price: RM 312
  • Size: 103H x 68W x 57D (cm)
  • Newspaper Rack NEWS38
    newspaper rack wp-38
    newspaper rack wp-38 with newspaper
    Desc: Newspaper Rack NEWS38
    Price: RM 208
  • Size: 85H x 69.5W x 36.5D (cm)
  • Newspaper Rack NEWS68
    Newspaper Rack NEWS68
    Desc: Newspaper Rack NEWS68
    Price: RM 208
  • Size: 85H x 69.5W x 36.5D (cm)
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