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Trimmer and Guillotine Store

Trimmer - Cut paper, film and foil quickly & smoothly. Single sheet to several sheets
Guillotine - Paper cutting Machines for large format or stacking

Why use a paper cutting system

Cutting Machines enable the user to trim and cut large amounts of paper in one go and can also be used to make precise cuts to shape or divide documents or projects. They are operated using one smooth movement which ensures precision cutting and a professional finish. They save time and effort and are an essential tool to use when working with large stocks of paper, books, and laminated documents. They are also ideal for digital photographs.

Types of cutting system

  • Rotary Trimmers - Ideal for cutting thin materials. The round blade enclosed in a cutting head slides along a metal guide bar to create straigh cuts. Widely used by photographers, graphics studios and schools
  • Guillotines - Ideal for cutting thick stacks of paper. A premium solution, designed for high-volume cutting. The leverage handle is brought down in one motion to cleanly cut through paper.

  • HSM trimmer & guillotine
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