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Comparison of Laser, dot-matrix and inkjet

  LaserJet InkJet Dot Matrix
1 Graphic Sharp, Excellent Up to Photo Quality Poor
2 Text Sharp, Excellent Up to Photo Quality Accepatable
3 Resolution, dpi 600x600, 1200x1200, 4800 600x600, 1200x1200, 4800 180x180, 360x180, 360x360
4 Refill Yes, 2~4 times Yes, 2~10 times [certain model] No
5 Speed, Graphic Excellent Normal Slow
6 Speed, Text 8ppm to 40 ppm 3ppm to 22 ppm 200cps~500cps, 500lps+
7 Multiple Form No (Very less) No 4~6 ply
8 Size A4, A3 A4, A3 (A2-A0) A4 (80col), A3 (136col)
9 Machine Cost RM599-2850 (A4, Black) RM188-350 (A4) RM430-730-1520 (80col)
    RM2480-8000 (A3, Black) RM350-1800 (A4, Photo Direct) RM1440-2320 (136col)
    RM2850-4999 (A4, Color) RM925-2200 (A3) RM6500-12000+ (136col)
    RM7990-19950+ (A3, Color) RM4500-36000 (A2-A0) RM20000+ (136col, Heavy Duty)
10 Cost Per Page RM0.04-0.12 (A4, Black) RM0.17-0.35 (A4, Black) RM0.01-0.03 (A4, Black Text)
  5% Black, 15% Color RM0.16-0.27 (A4, Color) RM0.32-0.94 (A4, Color)