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Our Company has been established since 1998, formerly known as Weng Seng Typewriter Services. We specialize in repair and service all kinds of office automation like printer, fax machine, time recorder and etc. Other than that, we also supply all kinds of office consumable.

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*Cut Size:3.9mm
*Cutting capacity: 10-12 sheet
*Insertion Width: 225mm
*Dimension W326XD240XH423 mm
*Cut Size: 4 x 25mm
*Cutting capacity: 5-6 sheet
*Insertion Width: 225mm
*Dimension W326XD240XH423 mm
*Cut Size:3.9mm
*Cutting capacity:13-15 sheets
*Insertion Width:225 mm
*Container Volume:25 litres
*Weight:6.8 Kgs
*Dimension: W365XD273XH497 mm
*Cutter takes staples
*Cross cut Size: 4 x 25mm
*Cutting capacity :6-7 sheets
*Insertion Width : 225 mm
*Container Volume : 25 litres
*Weight : 6.8 Kgs
*Dimension:W365XD273XH497 mm
*Cutter takes staples
Olympia PS-50N Shredder
*Strip cut Size: 7mm
*Cutting capacity : 7 sheets
*Insertion Width : 220 mm
*Container Volume : 10 litres
*Weight : 1.5 Kgs
*Dimension:W308 x D126 x H280 mm
*Cutter takes staples, CD, Credit Card
Olympia PS-60CC Shredder
*Cross cut Size: 5 x 39 mm
*Cutting capacity : 7 sheets
*Insertion Width : 220 mm
*Container Volume : 14 litres
*Weight : 3.2 Kgs
*Dimension:W310 x D141 x H340 mm
*Cutter takes staples, CD, Credit Card
GBC Alpha Ribbon
*Strip cut Size: 7.25mm
*Cutting capacity : 6 sheets, 70gsm
*Insertion Width : 222 mm
*Container Volume : 10 litres
*Weight : 1.73 Kgs
*Dimension:W285 x D285 x H345 mm
*Cutter takes staples, paper clip,Credit Card
GBC Alpha Confetti
*Strip cut Size: 4 x 38 mm
*Cutting capacity : 6 sheets, 70gsm
*Insertion Width : 224 mm
*Container Volume : 14 litres
*Weight : 3.2 Kgs
*Dimension:W324 x D165 x H360 mm
*Cutter takes staples, paper clip,Credit Card
Olympia SA-3000
*Sheet capacity (A4/70gsm):14/ 8(A3)
*Shred type:Cross cut
*Shred size(mm):3x28
*Throat size(mm):310
*Bin capacity:30L
*Machine size(mm):450x325x675
*Net Weight (kg):26 Kg
GBC Style Cross Cut
*Shred Capacity (70gsm): 6sheets
*Cutting type: Cross Cut
*Cutting Size: 4x30 mm
*Insertion width: 230mm
*Bin Capacity: 7.5 liters
*Dimension: 340x185x320mm
*Weight: 7.5kg
*Shreds Staplers , Paper Clips & Credit Card
GBC DUO Cross Cut
*Shred Capacity (70gsm): 11sheets
*Cutting type: Cross Cut
*Cutting Size: 4x45 mm
*Insertion width: 220mm
*Bin Capacity: 17 liters
*Dimension: 400x365x257mm
*Weight: 4.4kg
*Shreds Staplers , Paper Clips & Credit Cards, CD's
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Welcome to Paper Shredder Store

Buying shredder tips #1:
1)You need to decide strip-cut(shred faster) or cross-cut(higher security level), this will effect the paper cutting width result, 2) shredder container , 3)how much paper can fed at once

Buying shredder tip #2 Estimate your shred volume

Buying shredder tip #3 Duty cycle :Duty cycle is an indication of how strong and well built the machine is.

Model:Olympia PS-50N
Made in China
Model:Olympia PS-60CC
Made in China
Model: GBC Alpha Ribbon
U.S / Made in China
Model: GBC Alpha Confetti
U.S / Made in China

olympia PS-50N

Olympia PS-60CC
gbc alpha ribbon gbc alpha confetti
Olympia PS-50N Detail PS-60CC Shredder detail GBC Alpha Ribbon GBC Alpha confetti
RM125 RM170 RM135 RM175
Model : HSM 90S
Made in Germany
Model : HSM 90C
Made in Germany
hsm 90.2c shredder hsm 90.2c shredder    
HSM 90S Shredder Detail HSM 90C Shredder Detail    
RM770 RM1050    

Model: GBC Style Cross
Model: GBC Duo Cross Model: GBC Prostyle+ Cross
Model: Eba Dino 22S
gbc style gbc duo gbc prostyle eba dino22s
      Eba dino 22S
RM285 RM320 RM590 RM450
Model: Eba 22C Model:Olympia T-818 Shredder
Made in China
Model: Olympia SA-1500 Model: Ideal 2220 Strip Cut
eba dino22s olympia T-818 olympia s1500 ideal 2220
Eba Dino 22C      
RM499 RM550 RM750 RM650
Model: Ideal 2240 Strip Cut Model: Ideal 2240 Cross Cut Model : HSM 102.2S
Made in Germany
Model : HSM102.2C
Made in Germany
ideal 2220 ideal 2220 HSM 102.2 HSM 102.2
  Ideal 2240C HSM 102.2S Detail HSM 102.2C Detail
RM950 RM1250 RM1080 RM1490

Model: Olympia SA-3000
Made in China
Model: GBC 21CDX Model: GBC 31CDX Model: GBC 40CDX
S-A3000 GBC 21CDX

gbc 31cdx

gbc 40cdx
RM999 RM890 RM1290 RM1900
Model: Ideal 2270S Model: Ideal 2270C Model: Ideal 2404S Model 2404C
ideal 2270S ideal 2270C ideal 2404 ideal 2404
RM1750 RM2050 RM2900 RM3250
Model: Intimus 60SC2 Model: Intimus 60CC3 Model: HSM B32S Model: HSM B32C
intimus 60sc2 intimus 60cc3 securio B22 securio B24
RM3050 RM3580 RM3500 RM3650

Model: Ideal 2503S Model: Ideal 2503C Model: Ideal 3803S Model: Ideal 3803C
ideal 2503    
Model: Ideal 4005-MC Model: Ideal 4005-SMC Model: HSM B34S Model: HSM B34C
ideal 4005 ideal 4005smc hsm b34s hsm b34s
Model: HSM B36C Model: HSMB36S Model: HSM P44S Model: HSM P44C
HSM B36 HSM B36 hsm p44 hsm p44

Model: Ideal 4107 Model: Ideal
Ideal 4107 ideal 4605


coming soon

HSM 400.2S  
hsm 400.2S  

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